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At our holistic spa.

Full body massage.

We have massage services and feel energetic after this full body massage.

Essential oils.

We have all the essential oils here and you can pick your favourite for the massage here.

Herbal teas.

Feel like having a drink? And it is always herbal tea here. We are more focussed on your health.

Hot stones.

The therapeutic hot stone massage is available here. It makes you feel great and fresh.

A Simple Starter
Topaz Spa Package

$40 is simply a grab that you can enjoy nowhere. Buy the Topaz Spa Package and enjoy the benefits.

A Half Day Excursion
Opal Spa Package

We always have the best for an extended excursion and that is the Opal Spa Package that is just all yours for $80.

An All-Inclusive Experience
Ruby Spa Package

If you are going to stay here for a couple of days then the Ruby spa is worth a try and that is going to cost you only $160. Go for it!

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Our favorite regional flavors.

At the end of the day, everything drops down to the food that we eat and that is why we always make the best dish that makes you feel happy, healthy and wanted.

Coho Salmon.


Our place is best known for salmon and we have had some of our clients feel bad that they will never get to enjoy the same at there place. Now we are making it possible. You can order fresh packets of salmon and we can have it safely transported to your place through our transportation partner, HI, experts in removals to France.

You can also taste it right away. We have some of the best chefs from across the world and we are sure they will leave an impression.


Vegetarian Tapas.

Now vegetarian always takes a back, but not when you are with us. We have a large range of dishes and you will wish your tongue had a rewind button.

You need not have to come all the way to the restaurant. We can also have it delivered it at your rooms. We are prompt there.

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France: Things to do; Places to visit.

If you are planning on visiting the romantic country of France, remember that there is more to the European country than just Paris. This is not to say that Paris isn’t magical, but there is so much more to France; each different region of France will give you a unique experience and chance to explore a new side to France that most tourists miss out on. Here in this article, we will explore some of the best things to do in France.

  1. Musse de Louvre

There are very few structures in human history that have stood the test of time and the museum located in Paris has amassed a considerable amount of human history. The museum still remains as one of the finest in the world. The Musse de Louvre houses some of the most important pieces in human history; from Egyptian mummies to the Mona Lisa, the museum has a stellar ensemble that is waiting to be explored. Most people would be attracted by the glass pyramid that awaits visitors at the entrance; don’t commit the cardinal sin by not entering the museum, because what is in store inside Musee de Louvre is truly remarkable.

  1. Chateau de Versailles

The palace which housed Louis XIV is a thing of dreams. The palace remains as one of the most prominent attractions to this day due to its sheer architectural brilliance. The palace is expertly built keeping in mind the romanticism of the land and can be considered a modern-day marvel that was built over 300 years ago. If you do get the chance to visit and we really hope you do; do visit the hall of mirrors within the palace. The hall of mirrors can by itself standalone as a must visit the place as it quite remarkable both in its construction and stature.

  1. Cathedrale de Chartres

It is an architectural marvel that is withstood the complete annihilation of the city that it was situated in and one that has stood for over 850 years. The cathedral has become symbolic to the grandeur of both architectural brilliance and as a representation of gothic art. The site is a well-renowned pilgrimage centre that is visited by countless people every year, and the cathedral is even recognised as a UNESCO world heritage centre. The honor was bestowed upon Cathedrale de Chartres in the year 1979.  When people think of French masterpieces when it comes to architectural brilliance, they often think of Eifel Tower, but the Cathedrale de Chartres is truly the best representation of France’s outstanding brilliance.

Basic Dining Etiquettes

It all starts with the occasion; there are different etiquettes for formal and informal gatherings. If it’s a dinner with your board of directors, then it is going to be a formal event for sure but one the other hand if it is an end of the financial year celebration then it can either be a formal or an informal event. The key thing is to understand which one it is; because if it is an informal event, you might overdo the etiquettes or on the flipside if it is a formal event, you can end up underdoing the etiquettes. So our first advice to you is to ask someone who has been going to these events for a while to let you know what type of event it is going to be. In this article, we are not going to give you a list of tips but rather focus on some basic etiquettes that will help you along the way.

First off, the most basic thing you have to understand about dining etiquette is how you use the napkins. If it is an informal event then as soon as you sit down, you need to compose yourself and place the napkin on your lap, but if it is a formal event then wait for the host or the hostess to first place their napkin on their laps before you do so. If you wish to get up during the course of the meal, then place your napkin on your seat after getting up. Once everything is done and you’ve finished eating, place the napkin on the left side of where you are sitting to confirm that you have indeed finished your meal.

We recommend that you use the continental style of using cutlery. For the simple reason that the style can be used in both formal and informal events. In the continental style, you will be required to use the fork on the left hand and the knife on the right hand. Note that you have to utilize the help of the index finger at the base of the fork to give it sturdiness when you pick food from the plate. Pierce into the meat or vegetable and use the knife to cut through it, into small pieces. Use the fork to pick up the small morsels of food.

There are a bunch of other things that you need to follow, but most of the dinner etiquettes can easily be learnt along the way, or you can observe what someone else is doing while making conversation. What we consider to be the most important etiquette is that you should know when to start eating. You have one of two options; the choice is really yours; you can either begin when the host asks you to start or if your order comes early, then hold on until everyone gets their respective orders before you start enjoying your meal.

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